A Year of Details

The 12-Month Project

to fall in love wth your home


A Year of Details is 12 monthly focused challenges to help you fall in love with your home.

It's called the Year of Details because it is often the small things that can mean the difference between feeling relaxed and calm at home or feeling stressed out. This project is the motivation to finally get those things done that you have been meaning to do or sort out, but somehow months go by and you don't find the time.

In our overly-scheduled lives, it's important to come home to a space that is nurturing and that works for you.

Every month we will focus on one area, from sorting out your bedding to creating a “command center" to keep your home-life organized. Each topic gets a whole moth of attention so we have enough time to really think about how to make it work for us and our family. What do we need? What can we declutter? It's enough time to make a plan and then take action.

It's wonderful if you are joining in right from the beginning (September 2019), but you can jump in at any point!

You can find out more about the project in this blog post. Read about the September challenge here and the October challenge here.

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You can find more inspiration on Instagram. We are using the hashtag #yearofdetailsproject and would love to see how you are creating a home that you love!